Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Going to great lengths....

for a toy. A little boy wriggled into a toy machine because he wanted one. And he wanted it now!

I wonder if that was any easier than those stupid crane things that never work but you keep sticking the dollars in anyway because the pink elephant is just too cute. And if you finally get it, you realize it wasn't worth $20.

Do you think those things are rigged to give you the toy after you spend a certain amount of money? It's like a carnival game with even worse odds.

Anyway, here's the toy machine spelunker's picture:

Next bill before your local legislature: banning of toy vending machines. They are awful and represent a real danger to children everywhere. Because government has fixed everything else. A bill on that would rank right up there next to the road kill bill in my opinion.

A purr to Elena for emailing the article.. and for explaining the picture to me because I didn't read the email and only looked at the picture. Duh.