Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There are some things I just should stop reading

Now that I'm back at a computer, I've spent a fair amount of time catching up on blogs and tribe.net and the news.

First, news is way overrated. For Lent, I gave up cable TV. Aside from a little bit of the History Channel, Headline News, and one episode of "Law and Order: SVU," I've just not been watching cable. I won't be taking it with me when I move next month, so now is good practice.

My life has continued on as normal without the knowledge that Paris Hilton's 15 minutes of fame are over. Uh... but who would we make fun of? And I'm sure there were some other important news stories that I've missed, but I just can't seem to find a reason to care. Something about a child abuse conviction... and a dead girl in an alley. Meh. I am going back inside my bubble.

Second, there was this discussion at Vox's about nice guys. After I fought the urge to go disinfect myself because I just felt icky... this is the only thing that I found be worthy of sharing:
It is not ok to abuse the weak...

Oh baloney, since when, VQ? It's so much fun, it should be a sport.

All you gay guys who want to call yourselves 'misogynists' just make me sick. Shame on you all.

There is no more perfect creature that walks the earth than woman, and judging them by your own failings just makes you small.

Nurture them. Love them. Take them to your sides as if they were your rib. Don't take any crap. Figure out how to be a man, and be one.


Buncha frakkin whiners...
There was just so much hatin' going on in that thread. It is almost enough to make a girl like myself swear off men in general and just live with my cats. Do these "misogynists" think about how they sound to the sane single girls out there? I'm sure these particular guys probably don't care. I see the complaints they have about feminists and the ultra-modern woman. And yes, some of them are valid. But when these complainers start painting with large brush strokes that all American women are this way or that way... *sigh* Why should I care?

Unrelated, my ficus bonzai, Spike, had a major growth spurt while I was gone. Geez. I trimmed him 3 weeks ago. I am going to have to give him another haircut.