Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What you missed by not coming to the studio on Sunday

My first ever live in front of people belly dance performance.

Totally unplanned. Completely improvised.

And I didn't fall down and apparently it looked relatively good judging by the applause and questions I got afterwards.

They played the English remake of a Turkish pop song (I know both versions really well). Duke Diva said "PK, you gotta dance to that."

"Yes, I do." And I ripped off my ballroom shoes and proceeded to dance over 3 and a half minutes that about halfway through became really surreal. It was very much an out-of-body experience. Duke Diva told me people were staring from all over the ball room.. these teenagers were peeking around the columns to see what I was doing. Hee.

Then I spent the next half hour coughing because I hadn't properly warmed back up to dance a song that fast. Ahh... allergies.