Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PK and Elena discuss interior decorating

Partially edited for hilarity

PK: What do you think of this chair? I think it is a good contrast to the couch, which will look something like this one when I've had it re-covered. The curve of the chair will go with the curve of the gossip bench and with the end tables. The couch is a bit on the 1940s side of mod. And the end tables and chair are on the modern-day-inspired-by-mod side... mixed with SHAG artwork and a shag rug... and a blonde wood dresser... it's going to be a funky space. ……….. Or am I trying to talk myself into this?

Elena: It looks like a chocolate cube and Strong Mad mated and had one HUGE baby. It doesn't grab me. But it might be nice to sit in. I could feel like a sweet cherry filling!

PK: Oh that's funny. But at least it isn't a log. Hmm… Well, the chair does come in a couple of other colors. And like the dishes—I didn't like them online but loved them in person—I need to get to a store and sit in it...and then wait for it to go on sale if I like it.

Elena: I dunno. I think the chair would look like it's pissed at the couch and the couch, like it doesn't give a whup. And the gossip bench is all like, "Aren't I cute? OK, everybody, party games!!!" And the shag carpeting, like it's a total gigolo. ;o) ….. I still don't really like the chair. But it's your living room. And I would still enjoy sitting in it, I'm sure. :o) *ting!*

PK: LOL!!!!! OK OK! I'll keep looking for a chair.