Friday, March 24, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking

On my way to lunch yesterday, I was pondering the new choreography from my belly dance lesson. It was the material from the Bozenka workshop I sat in on. I made it through the warm-up and then my body said "No - go sit. We are finished."

So, Linda and I were working on the choreography. I think I need to start giving myself more credit as a dancer. I told her I wanted to try the watered-down version first. 10 minutes in she said "We aren't watering this down very much. Forget it. You are doing the real thing." Layering and all. It isn't particularly difficult - but making it look really good will take time and practice. It will happen. I am looking forward to adapting it to other pieces of music (and showing my ballroom instructor, who I still think doesn't really have a clue as to my belly dancing abilty. Yes, he knows but... ah well. Maybe it is just a nagging something-or-other.)

Back to the story. I was going over the choreography in my mind. "Left-shimmy. Right-shimmy. Left-shimmy. Turn... Three-step-turn quick quick... you thought I was going to do that hip swivle fast but no!" Well, you get the idea. I don't know if thinking about this made me walk differently or carry myself differently. I moved over to the far right of the sidewalk because there was someone walking much faster than me coming up from behind. I don't walk very fast. I have short legs and.. well.. why hurry? The destination will still be there when I eventually get there.

As the person moved beside me, I saw that it was a tall man. He turned and smiled and said "hello." I smiled and said "hello" and thought "WOW - he's very handsome. Who is he? Must be a professor.. should I know who he is? I wish I knew who he is."

So, this got me to thinking, does what I think about while I am randomly walking around affect my carriage... my aura (for lack of a better word)? If thinking about dance garnered that kind of reaction what if I were thinking other things....

Or it could be he was just being polite.