Thursday, February 09, 2006

Don't Be Modest

Elena sparked this post but it isn't her fault. We were doing one of the things we do best recently - shopping - and she said something about a shirt she liked and wearing it over another piece to make it more modest. I think I agreed with her because the scoop on the neckline was a little low to wear to the work-place but other than that, it was a cute top.

Now, before everyone has a heffer, I am not saying women should dress like skanky ho's. I don't need to see anybody's naughty bits... or a hint of their naughty bits. You have them. I have them. We all know this. Cover them up, please. And for crying out loud - it is WAY too cold for that short of a skirt.

What I am saying is that the word "modest" and attaching it to clothing makes me cringe. There is a whole modest-dressing movement that seems to wear turtle-necks and ankle-length skirts like a badge of honor. I've poked at them before ( is a personal favorite of mine when I need a good laugh - prarie rats.. er.. muffins.. of the future! Let's all dress up like Laura Engels! That will be so cool!).

Modest doesn't equal frumpy in just the same way fashionable doesn't equal almost naked.