Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm IT!

Kat (who is one of my favorite people-EVER) tagged me. So I'm IT. Of course I am. I am the fizzle shinizzle banizzle or whatever izzle is going around these days. She thinks I won't do it but... mwwhahahahaha... I am!

What Were You Doing 10 Years Ago?

1996? I was in college. In the student senate, raising all sorts of ruckus when I proposed to veto the SGA budget because the President couldn't get it to us on time and spending the money anyway. The press loved me. I loved them. And the loved me for loving them.... Then I became President of the Senate and a year later was nearly impeached because of a miscommunication about the budget. Guess what.. the President of the Senate couldn't be impeached. Hee. They were stuck with me.

I was also in my favorite class of my college career, Judiciary and the Constitution. Spring Semester 1996 is when I became a classical liberal. A year later, I became a libertarian after working for the TN General Assembly. My paper on the Supreme Court's decisions affecting women in the workforce was published in the student academic journal. Yes, I still had some lingering feminist tendancies but at least I wasn't foaming at the mouth anymore. I did my senior seminar paper that fall on Russian Ethnic conflict.

I spent more time starting at Mr. Anderson's eyelashes than listening to anything he had to say in class. Wow... he had beautiful blue eyes. Too bad he was an atheist.

I was also working at the ice rink (talking back to customers and collecting some of the dumbest things ever said and posting it in the break room. The manager didn't like that.) And I turned 21 that year. I spent way too much time online in roleplaying games.

What Were You Doing 1 Year Ago?

Here it is.

Five Snacks You Enjoy

1) Chocolate covered pretzels
2) Apples
3) Wendy's Frosties and French Fries.. again with the sweet/salty combo
4) Chedder and Sour Cream or Kettle potato chips
5) Fried mozerella cheese sticks (and you thought because I was losing weight that I'd forgotten about those great fattening things. No!)
Five Songs To Which You Know All The Lyrics

1) Salam ya Salama by Alabina - it's in Arabic and Spanish so I can make stuff up and no one will notice, but I actually have learned a good bit of the words to that and Habibi Ya Nour El Ein (My Darling, You are the light of my eyes)
2) Happy Birthday
3) Give It to Me Good by Trixter - This popped up on yahoo launch a few days ago. All of a sudden, I was 16 again. I listened to that CD every morning while I was getting ready for school. I wore it out. Really. I had to buy a second one. I was in love with them and was going to marry the lead singer. When I met them back stage at Starwood that was the highlight of my life in high school. I still know every word to that song... even after almost 15 years. That's sad.
4) Gold Digger by Kanye West. Question: When he finds out after 18 years that the baby wasn't his, can he sue the mother for fraud?
5) Go Daddy-O by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
(OK - that was cheating....)
6) Come live your life with me by Peter Cincotti
Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire

1) Start my own dance studio
2) Be sure I am out of debt
3) Save some
4) Travel some
5) Sponsor DC in his first poker tournament (but not one of those $10K deals. I like you but not that much.)
Five Bad Habits

1) Misplacing my check card (AmSouth hates me)
2) Biting my nails
3) Leaving the back door unlocked
4) Blogging at work (eh. I'm honest, at least)
5) Speeding
Five Things You Like Doing

1) Dancing
2) Talking about dance
3) Spotting notorious fashion violations
4) Blogging about notorious fashion violations
5) Hanging with my peeps
Five Things You Would Never Wear Again

1) Frosted anything
2) Snarky buttons (I had a jean jacket in middle school that I covered in buttons. I was often late to class because I got stopped in the hall way when people wanted to read them.)
3) Chunky rubber sole/heeled shoes. They make my feet look 2x's bigger than they are. I can't believe I ever thought they looked good.
4) Tapered leg pants. How to make your butt look bigger than it really is? Wear tapered leg pants. NEVER wear tapered pants. Straight or boot cut. Wide leg is on its way out and if it isn't done right, you look like a freak.
5) My favorite khaki pants. They are now 2 sizes too big. Hee!
Five Favorite Toys

1) My mp3 player (Sansa)
2) My Sig (but I don't treat it like a toy.)
3) My Smith and Wesson (the cats) and any of their feathers on sticks
4) My massive collection of hip scarves (the sequined ones are my current favorite. Some of the coin scarves are so heavy they fall right off. I need to velcro them to my hips.)
5) My still in the box Darth Vader
Five people who will not likely do this but you are tagging them anyway

Elena, Miss O'Hara, Digital Cowboy, Res Ispa (now that you are blogging, you are going to do all those stupid quizzes and stuff.. heh), and Erik. I would tag Ashley the Blue Raider but none of us knows where her blog is... or if she has one.