Monday, April 25, 2005

Right and Bright? Maybe not?

Favorite blogger Jeff G. has related his experience at McDonald's drive-through. This reminded me of my experience when I used to work at the local ice rink. I've probably told this story before but.. you know.. I like it so I'm going to tell it again.

I was in the concession stand and overheard the following:
"What is the difference between nachos with cheese and chili-cheese nachos?"

"Uh... the chili."
Other personal favorites include an exchange with a woman on where the tennis courts were.
"It is straight across the parking lot. Go through these doors to your right; walk straight ahead and go through the doors with the yellow handles."

"But how do I get in?"

"Open the doors with the yellow handles and go inside. The information counter for the tennis complex is right inside."

"But how do I get in?"

"Through the doors with the yellow handles..."
And the woman who handed me her shoes and then said "Sorry they are muddy. I've been in the horse fields all morning." Eww!