Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Phrase of the Day

patriarchal pseudoscientific essentialist nonsense

From a review of Andrea Dworkin's book Intercourse

I found out that she has passed away, via Bane's blog. I know it's not polite to speak ill of the dead but.. I have nothing nice to say about her. I tried to read this book in my most radical days as a college feminist and I couldn't. I sent it back to amazon after barely finishing the first chapter. I guess it was proof that I really couldn't buy into the movement lock, stock, and barrell.

An interesting note. Ms. Dworkin was married.. she lived with this guy for like 30 years and they got married in 1998. In one of his books:
In this collection of 13 essays, radical feminist [John] Stoltenberg speaks openly and explicitly on male sexual identity and its interrelation with rape, war, abortion , homophobia, pornography, and injustice. His premise is that male sexual identity is a political and ethical construction connected to male supremacy. Based mostly on speeches delivered at colleges, community organizations, and regional and national conferences, his essays exhort individuals, especially men, to learn a new ethic and to examine their acts in view of the consequences for others. This book will enlighten, please, and anger readers.
"Co-founder of Men Against Pornography, Stoltenberg considers himself a radical feminist. These 13 searching essays reflect his belief that male sexuality is an artificial, social-political construct, inextricably linked to widely held assumptions of men's 'natural' superiority over women," reported PW.
According to Fox, they were both openly gay. But since they were gay in opposite directions, they could get married to each other. Makes you wonder why they did? Gloria Steinem got married in her 60's because the institution had changed such that men and women were equal (rough paraphrasing of her words). Or maybe it had to do with taxes and such. I dunno and I don't really care.