Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not... all... that... bright...

On my way to lunch yesterday, I happened across a group of students watching one of the campus hawks having lunch. Well, still killing his lunch - a big, fat squirrel.

This young lady was throwing rocks at the hawk because "the squirrel is still alive!"

PK wanted to say (but was sooooooooooo close to saying but didn't for fear of someone figuring out that I work in that building just down the way):

"What? Do you think pelting him with rocks is going to make him give up his meat eating ways and go vegan? That he will stop hunting and shop at Wild Oats instead? Have you stopped watching Style long enough to see what happens on the Discovery Channel? It is called the food chain, dear. Hawks and other birds of prey do us a favor by killing disease carrying rodents like rats and squirrels. Yes. Squirrels are rodents - they just have better outfits. If you don't like watching nature happen, keep walking."