Monday, January 30, 2006

Adventures in Rubbernecking

On my way home from the store yesterday, traffic was really bad. It's a Sunday.. it's not raining. It's actually very pretty. What could be going on?

There was a wreck.

OK... I can handle that. It's in the left lane. People are having to merge to the right to get out of the way.

Well... about 50 feet further, in the right lane, there is another wreck. Why? Because people were looking up the hill at the apartment complex where a Nashville fire truck was flashing its lights and had its ladder extended for something. Would I have been looking if I were actually moving? No. I saw it because I was at a dead stop waiting for the people in front of me to merge.

Incident #2: Monday morning. 21st ave S. There is a woman holding a large particle board sign that she holds to hide most of her face.. sort of an industrial grade veil. On it, she has the following statement "ID Theft Covered by Law Officials."