Friday, January 27, 2006

Dance is Life

Elena suggested that I do another 'dance is life' post. I am not sure I've done one previously and I'm not sure what she wants to see out of it.. but perhaps she just wants me to talk about it to other people and not only her (just teasin' you, sweetie).

This past weekend, I went to my first ballroom dance competition. One of the owner's of the studio where I take lessons and his former competitive partner performed in a couple of exhibitions. They are former US champions (3-time US champions in American Smooth). Last Friday night, they did a waltz-based program. I wish I could put into words what I saw. Just thinking about it makes me all teary. Etheral is the best word I can think of. It was dance as languange and pure emotion.

I listen to some people say that they just have to dance or else they will burst. I'm never sure what to make of their statement. Personally, I think they are weird. I love dance. But I won't die if I don't. Upset? Sorely unhappy? Quite possibly. I'll die if I don't breathe or eat or drink water. I won't even die for lack of sleep unless I happen to be in a car, pass out and crash.

Perhaps it is because I've never felt that burning desire to create something. Dance to me is an expression of emotion. For example, I had a conversation with someone recently that left me in such a mood that I was giddy to the point of being insanely goofy. All the way home, I listened to one of my favorite belly dance CDs and sang along as best I could (though I really don't know what they are saying). I got home, put on my headphones and mp3 player and danced for about 15 minutes, expressing the joy I had after this conversation. Then I got to my regularly scheduled dance lesson and my instructor must have thought "what is with this girl?" because I couldn't stop grinning or giggling for no apparent reason.

Dance isn't life. Dance is a form of communication. It is a language. It conveys an emotion, an idea, and an image. Not everyone gets it. And that's ok.