Monday, January 23, 2006


Does anyone know how I can fire my real estate agent (because she is an incompetant idiot who has decided she no longer has to work for the commission) and not give her a commission.. AND keep the condo I want to buy?

This is my own fault - I didn't go through my previous realtor. He's a good agent. This lady is the freak who sits in the model all day who apparently can't get clients on her own. I was so thrilled to be getting an end unit, I let that cloud my judgement. But that doesn't excuse her for not returning my infrequent calls or answering my simple questions (like "how big is the central heat/air unit? It looks like it is a 1.5 ton unit, which would be large enough for the space but could you check on that?")

But I've had it and she hasn't done a freakin' thing to earn her commission. And I found out that yes I can fire her but she still gets her commission. WHAT THE HE** KIND OF RACKET IS THAT!?!?! You can be fired for being a bad agent and STILL make money?! She doesn't deserve any of my money. Anybody have any advice on what I should do?