Thursday, January 12, 2006


I'm a few days late with this. Not that anyone will really care.

So it seems that the campus is all aflutter that The Bachelor happens to work here (I know somebody over in ER... I should ask her about him. She told me the whole scoop when TLC did its show about the residents here - that one girl wasn't as ditzy as she was on camera but because she was shown in a spaced out moment, no patients wanted anything to do with her).

Anyway, via Brittney via Heather, I poked around the show's website and became amused with the facts that:

1) Almost every girl wanted someone tall, dark and handsome (one even had a height requirement and 2 said "perfect teeth")
2) 3 girls described their perfect date which included a private jet trip somewhere

My favorite profile - Yvonne:

Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 28

My three best attributes: Compassionate, dedicated, assertive
My perfect date would be: Being with someone who did nothing to annoy me
My ideal mate is: Tall, lean with dark hair, witty, open and lets me be the center of attention
She's also a CFO. Kudos on her accomplishments. Something about her picture says "I eat testicles for breakfast"... maybe that is just me. Granted, I want to be with someone who doesn't annoy me but I think her attempt to be funny completely back fired. She comes across as self-absorbed (uh... wait... there's that whole being the center of attention thing).

Thus ends all that I really have to say about The Bachelor.