Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Puffy Shirt, Part Deux

I saw this item in a popular chain bookstore the other night and nearly frightened the clerk with my squeal. I could make PK the proud owner of a carefully-enshrined-in-a-blister-pack male-fashion-doll-sized Puffy Shirt!! I thought.

I got the clerk to pull the box off the shelf behind her, and she informed me that sadly, I must purchase the Seinfeld Seasons 5 & 6 DVDs in order to get the Puffy Shirt.

Dag, yo.

$80.00 for an eeny-weeny Puffy Shirt. Uh-unh....I don't think so.

Yes, folks, you can purchase a Puffy Shirt for your Ken doll, but.......should you?

I'm just sayin' .......