Monday, January 09, 2006

What I did Saturday

Defensive Driver Training...

- or -

First Offenders Class

I ran a stop sign a while back (well, technically it was a rolling slow. The officer didn't agree with me on that fact). Since it was my first ticket, I opted to go waste a Saturday morning and have the thing expunged from my record by sitting in a driver's training class. Here's the gist:

1) Pay attention to the road and not your cell/kids/radio/cute person in next car/hamburger/makeup/etc....
2) Slow down - you drive too fast.

We could have handled that in 10 minutes but now... 2 hours of listening to a very nice little woman with a Latin American accent talk about collisions and death on the road was near enthralling *cough cough*. Then there was the the 1992-era video with what's his name from Coach and a bunch of other people that I'm sure were the bomb in the early 90's but are now relegated to Trival Pursuit pop-culture edition questions.

Am I a better driver? Eh. I am leaving more distance between my car and the one in front of me.. and I use my turn signal. Can that be considered an improvement?