Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blast from the Past

In the last 3 weeks, I have bumped into or been contacted by 3 people I knew from high school and one from college.

Do you ever have periods of time where people from your past seem to come out of no where... and then expect you to remember them?

Real Conversation - at Wal Mart:

[PK is minding her own business trying to find little felt thingies so she can protect her hardwood floors. Catches woman with children out of the corner of her eye but pays no attention]

Woman: Don't I know you?
PK: [stunned into near speechlessness] Uh..... I....
Woman: You are PK, aren't you?
PK: [still stunned and even more confused] Yes......
Woman: Wow! It is great to see you! How are you?
PK: I'm sorry.. but... who are you?
[an eon passes, synapeses firing at top speed.. desperately trying to get the facial recognition software part of the brain to work... wait for it.. flickers of recognition.. wait.. there!]
PK: You are So-n-So!
[commence with normal conversation]

Another conversation:
Woman at title company: PK, hold just a moment, someone else wants to talk to you.
PK: Alright.
Other voice: PK! It's JenJen!
PK: Who? I know know lots of JenJens.
Other voice: JenJen BlankityBlank.
PK: OH!! Wow! Hey there! How are you?
[commence with normal conversation]

Perhaps the years of hair coloring have had an adverse affect on parts of my brain.