Monday, July 10, 2006

The Inexplicable Attractiveness of Captain Jack Sparrow

Notice, I didn't say Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is a good actor. His politics run off the deep end (I think living in France does that... they some how think they are more civilized and advanced. We won't get too deep into that discussion for this article.. not really important) but I like a fair number of his movies.

I *really* liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean. The second Captain Jack Sparrow pops onto the screen, there is this collective “ohhh…” from women around the country. Much like when Viggo as Aragorn does that look in The Fellowship before he goes to kick some orc butt. I remember the gasps throughout the audience. Come to think of it, Viggo’s politics are also left leaning. Eh. Whatever. He looks really good in leather.

So, back to Captain Jack Sparrow. Every woman I’ve talked to who saw the movie pretty much thinks Jack rocked and Will is a wuss. It could be that Orlando Bloom comes across as *way* too pretty. And that is just genetic. God made him a pretty boy.

Yet, none of us were able to quite put our finger on it. It isn’t just that it’s the bad boy persona. We see that everywhere. Is it that we see he is a bady boy but just *know* that he has a heart of gold? The accent? Possibly. Is it the statement "but why is the rum gone?" We finally settled on one thing: eyeliner.

Don’t know why… but Captain Jack Sparrow without the kohl around the eyes would be less than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Would this look work for every man? Eh. Probably not.