Thursday, July 06, 2006

More reasons I am a libertarian

I swear... if I wasn't one already, the home buying experience would make me one. I'm almost to the point of going all Waco-like and turning my new condo into a compound. I even bought this doormat. I think it is very me, but it was requested by those who want to visit me that I put it at the back door since they think it would be too much at the front door.

You know - that makes sense actually. The ATF wouldn't use the front door. They would use the back door. So, thanks y'all. You know who you are. Good idea!

Anyway, so, we were supposed to close tomorrow. We aren't closing tomorrow. Why? Because the city hasn't issued the certificate of occupancy. My understanding is that the city has done its inspection but hasn't returned the paperwork yet so we can go to closing. They did their inspection some time ago. Now, if they had some things that they told the builder to fix (like the grading problem in the back. That inspector was back out there yesterday... good day for that when we have buckets of rain) and they need to re-inspect, fine. Just tell somebody that, ok? So they can tell me.

That would be REALLY helpful, ya know?

My broker was really cool about it. He said "Don't stress. You have your owner's walk tomorrow. (That would be today) Since it is going to be early next week before you can close, go through and be very nit picky. Find every little flaw. Anything you want changed, get them to change it. They have the time to do so. Make sure that it is perfect."

I guess I'm just ready for this to be done so I can move in. I have enough stress in my life and the move isn't exactly helping. The training for the upcoming competition and dealing with the dress designer (who isn't shipping the dresses for the first fitting until the 11th - ack! If they don't fit or look good... then what?! This particular designer has officially ruffled alot of feathers at the studio because he over-committed. All I can say - these dresses better look amazing.)

Work.... "let's create a new database and you have 3 weeks to encode all the information in the system for printing in August." What? OK.. training?
Eh.. training... this isn't user friendly. I don't care that I can look at in XML. I know you are a programming geek kind of guy but XML isn't easy to read. Where's the pretty page? OK now how do I put these bins in to a plan? Where do I set the rules? Why couldn't we have used one of our programs as a sample and not the Spanish minor? It would have made a lot more sense. It makes my head hurt. And it makes my boss stressed out, which makes me stressed out.

I need a drink.