Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Elena and I were having a discussion about something last night. And then she said something about how awful the "It's a Small World" song is. This lead to Pink Kitty's worst.songs.ever. list.

By "worst song ever," I mean the few, the not-so-proud, the ugly, the awful songs that wriggle into your ear and stay there until you beat yourself unconcious to get them to stop. Yes. Since I came up with this list, they have been trapped there. Since misery loves company, I'm sharing them with you. Audio not included.

1) It's a Small World.

I know Blender/VH1 picked "We built this city" as the most awesomely bad song ever, but that stupid Disney song is leaps and bounds past that. I'm sure the employees at Disney are given some sort of medication to keep them from going insane or they rotate every 15 minutes to other parts of the park where they don't have to hear that blasted cheery "music." And the freakish puppets!

Elena commented that the song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is just as bad. I say no. It's not good but it isn't as bad as "It's a Small World" for the simple reason Danny Elfman didn't want to write it but Tim Burton was more than insistent. And the puppets catch fire at the end. That doesn't happen on the ride at Disney. If it did, I might knock this down a peg or two.

2) The Song that never ends.

Does this really need an explanation? No. Didn't think so. Sock puppets are evil.

3) The Barney song.

When Barney was it, you couldn't escape this song. It was EVERYWHERE. I could go on into some rant about the indoctrination of children with hippy propaganda but really - it's just a bad and very annoying song.