Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I got my dresses...

at 9:30 tonight. They look really good but the drama surrounding them made me just want to send them back to New Jersey where they came from.

And the glove for the latin dress is for the wrong hand. At least there is a spiffy bracelet I can wear. And wait til y'all see the hair. Elena said this is the hair I should have had for the former Miss O'Hara's wedding. I doubt Hurricane Katrina could have moved this hair. There is probably a new hole in the ozone for the amount of hairspray we used. It is very crunchy and thanks to the bobbypins, I will probably be sleeping sitting up.

Why am I not in bed right now when I have to be up in 5 hours? Well, I have my priorities... burning music on to the laptop so I can transfer it to the iPod, for example. And I'm hyped up on caffine right now. Wheeeeeeee!

If you are interested and have nothing better to do tomorrow, I will be dancing bright and early at 9am. Other events will be going on all day long. The professional dancers will be competing Friday night and Saturday night. That will be an amazing show. More info here -