Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving the Bubbies

That's what I call them. Smith and Wesson. They are my bubbies.

"Hello, Bubbies!!!!" I say as they come running to the door when I get home.

We moved them to the new place last night. They were NOT happy. Smith eventually took off for the downstairs, and then Wesson tried to go out of the dance room but refused to leave for about 10 minutes. They both slept in my bed, curled up next to me. That is... when they were sleeping.

They spent a lot of the evening and the night crying and mewing. Elena said she thought they were trying to find each other. The condo is about the same size as the house but a whole different lay out so that it seems bigger. She took some pictures of the boys and me hanging out in the kitchen - Smith hiding under my legs and the cabinet; Wesson sitting on top of the upper cabinets, the highest point he could get to. It was pathetic. They didn't eat any dinner.

Smith wanted to play for a few minutes this morning, so I'm guessing he was feeling a little better. Here's hoping they find the litter box. I will be very upset if there is some "present" on my Oriental rug when I get home.

And last night was the first night I slept in my new place. I tell ya... once I got to sleep, I slept like a rock. It took one of the kitten's walking on me to get me awake. Right as I was walking out the door, the construction crews were pulling up. I hope they aren't too upset that we threw all those moving boxes into their dumpster. My deck looks a lot better now. It just needs some stuff on it, like patio furniture.

I should also tell you: my neighbors are great. On Sunday, one of them helped me get all of my clothes in. K came over and drilled wider holes into the bedframe so that it would fit the Pier 1 headboard. Take THAT, Pier 1! You will not force me to use your technology! K also helped move the mattress and box springs from the old house to the new place. In exchange, my "moving army" and I took all his boxes up to the dumpster. I did the same for C, who lives next door. Just because.

I was telling K about my bubbies' names, and he said, "Oh - you need to tell the guy in ---. He's a gun nut. He'll love it." And my "Come Back with a Warrant" doormat is a hit with everyone who has seen it.

Talk about being blessed...this is a total God thing. For the most part, my move has been pretty smooth. Just a couple of very minor hitches (including an incident which will be described in a future story about why I won't shop at Sears anymore).

My neighbors are fantastic. Good mix of political views (that seems to be a popular question---what's your political persuasion?. There are some W stickers. I won't hold it against them, since I was dumb enough to vote for him twice. I should stick my "Big Brother Is Watching You" poster on my front door - that should answer all the questions about what I think). Once I get unpacked and relatively settled, I'm going to invite them all over for dinner one night.

Now, if I can get my DSL to work, it will all be good. DSL doesn't like my Mac. I pulled out the help disc, and it says on it, "THIS DISC IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH A MACINTOSH OS. DO NOT USE IN AN 'APPLE' or 'MAC' COMPUTER." Stupid stupid stupid.