Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Horse's Blankity Blank they did it.

Nashville may want to fan Olympic flame - Nashville, Tennessee - Wednesday, 07/19/06 -

Building an 80,000-seat arena for the opening and closing ceremonies, soccer and track and field events would be major hurdles. A swim complex, building of Olympic villages and improving the road systems would be other problems.

"But Atlanta did it. There are creative ways to address those things, like improving campus facilities," Spyridon said. "The question is where do you want it to take you when it's done.

Bull----. I went to Atlanta for the Olympic games. It was impossible to get around. The Atlanta Olympic Committee bus driver got lost and dropped us off at the wrong location. That meant we missed the connection to the swimming venue - and the entire event. I found out later that the US won a gold medal. How many times in one's life will you have to be at an event where your country wins the gold medal - and on home soil? Likely never. We could have been there but NO!

We spent 2 hours wandering around near one of the stadiums (host to the gymnastics event) trying to find someone who could point us in the right direction. And we never found the rhythmic gymnastics venue after an hour of driving somewhere toward Athens.

It was last year before I went back to Atlanta. I hate Atlanta. They should have left it flat to the ground after Sherman burned it. If I had my druthers, I would still drive around the place if at all possible. To compare Nashville with Atlanta must be some form of heresy.