Saturday, March 26, 2005

And you all thought I gave the dirt on the General Assembly

Check out Camp4u, written by State Represenative Stacey Campfield. (a purr to Bill Hobbs, Blake, and Matt)

And then visit the "brilliant" stylings of House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh's intern, alysha. She decides that she is going to tell Rep. Campfield that _he_ is the one out of line. (3/29 update: apparently alysha has deleted the text of her blog.)

Now, we all know I worked for State Senator John Ford and one time we had it out. And I fully expected to be dismissed from the program for chewing him out on the Senate floor. I wasn't. However, every other time, I was completely respectful of his position as a State Senator. He was elected (though we can wonder about the intelligence of his constituents).

I have to wonder if Miss Alysha missed the lecture given to interns on how to treat legislators.