Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Today's lesson from Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies. After watching it recently, I decided to read the book. Several chapters in, I've decided to bring you some of the lessons that I've learned.

Lesson 1.

Being gentle isn't weakness. Or "One doesn't have to be an uber-witch to get your point across."
"You must be more gentle, dear, more sedate," Ellen told her daughter [Scarlett]. "You must not interrupt gentlemen when they are speaking, even if you do think you know more about matters than they do. Gentlemen do not like forward girls." (p.59)
Scarlett is a manipulator. Aside from Ashley, when she saw something she wanted, she was able to get it if there weren't social restrictions on her behavior. Like many a modern girl, Scarlett was full of herself, headstrong, and driven. The difference, her society and class placed limits on what exactly she could/couldn't do if she wanted to remain in good standing. Today, those of the female gender blurt out what they would like, do what they please with little social consequence unless they happen to break the law and are arrested.

Songs glorify the independent woman who gets even with her stupid boyfriend.. the guy who fails to see exactly who great she is (even though she is probably psychotic.)

And then they are left with the question "why doesn't anyone like me?" Because you are a freak that's why.

Sisters: calm down, take a breath and think about what you are doing... could you say something in a more positive way? Would it be better just to keep your mouth shut? Is what you have to say *really* contributing to the conversation or are you talking to hear yourself talk? I am not saying abandon your personality. I am just asking that before you do a flying leap because something hacked you off that you think about it before reacting.