Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It isn't the Information Super Highway...

I think "Information gas station" is a better description for what people search for online. Don't go around barefoot.

DC should be glad that his daughters don't have access to my sitemeter report... Google has managed to lead people here looking for...
  • kitties with guns
  • smell her toes (I've known folks with all kinds of fetishes but I've never ever ever been able to make sense of foot fetishes)
  • Fat 12 year old girls pink easter hat
  • pink sissy
  • praise hilton kitty (hallelujah)
  • pink virgins (as opposed to... blue? nuclear piss yellow?)
  • lots of hits for Michael Schiavo and Jodi the fiance'
  • lots of hits for Condi Rice is a lesbian
  • pink and say lessons (What?)
  • Key scratching cars what does it mean (It means that someone doesn't like you... yeesh.)
  • Vandy girl style (I don't have any recommendations, but this site has the definitive guide on the sorority girl look.)
  • Bama Haters
Yes, it's a lazy post. I am looking for a good picture for the next caption contest. Belly dance photos will return next week. I'm going to a performance Saturday night and hope to have some pictures.