Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday Morning Buzz

Or how many links can I get into one post?

Last night was the Evening with Mr. Roboto (sponsored by News 'Channel' 2) at Jackson's. First, I will run down the "who did I meet list" - great bloggers one and all:

  • Mr. Roboto, our gracious host.
  • Allen Forkum of Cox and Forkum (talk about your WOW! moments. It was like meeting a celebrity because I love their cartoons)
  • Blake (we all already know Blake)
  • Lesley of VivaLaLesley
  • Rex of Rexblog (who will be putting up a podcast. Her Highness was interviewed so if you are curious as to just exactly how much of an accent she has, check Rex's site shortly)
  • Tim Morgan
  • And not to be confusing but I also met T-Man (whose name is also Tim)
  • Terry Heaton, who put together the original Blogger Breakfast
  • MMMikey of Who you talkin' at (and MMMikey's wife who's blog I just found out about but don't have a URL)
  • Linda W.
  • Busy Mom
  • Muffy at Karmadgeon
  • Paul, or as I call him around here The Dragon
  • Meg, the Saucy Librarian
  • Justin, one of the weather guys, from News2
  • Kevin Barbieux, the formerly homeless blogger was there but I didn't get to meet him.

And I'm sure there are others that I've left off - hey I was glad to meet you too!

Mr. Roboto said that he hoped I would be kind in my post of the event. He is quite charming and very funny. It was a blast! Thank you so much for coordinating the event and I hope it certainly won't be the last. Though you should read Blake's post on how to wear a tux. :)

Maybe we should have a post-income tax filing party in April.

It's great to be in a room with people and when you start talking about your sitemeter report they know what your talking about. And where when we say "the puppy blender" almost everyone knows who we are talking about. In a discussion with either Rex or a Vandy grad student named David (I can't remember who), we talked about the response one gets from co-workers when you tell them you have a blog. They look at you as if to say "do you like.. need an ointment for that? Is that a skin condition?"

Oh, TimMorgan, I was wrong (pay attention - I don't say so too often :) .) You asked me what INSTAPUNDO DELENDA EST! meant. I got it confused with the Alliance's SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!, which is from the Cox and Forkum cartoon. The phrase you asked about is something Frank J at IMAO used when he declared war on the Puppy Blender. I don't think it means anything.

David asked me why I started blogging. "Vanity. I need to know that someone out there is reading what I have to say. And it's fun. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't spend so much time on it. I've met lots of great writers who have unique views on any subject imaginable. I've actually learned quite a bit and been challenged to grow in different ways."

On the subject of get togethers, I was asked why did this online community decide to move offline. "The need for face-to-face interaction and real community. Humans need to sit across from someone and talk to them." And beer. And wine. Oh, Mr. Roboto, thank you for the drink.