Thursday, March 31, 2005

Granola Crunchy... *shudder*

Or maybe they are taking the liberal cool, hip person glasses thing a little too far. I'm sorry... but this is actually funny. Vox's post today is a good reason to post this.

Why can I laugh? It's funny! It sounds just.. so.. stupid.

Teens Bask In 'New Moon' Glow

Elena and I spoke about this article. To say that you are beautiful because your smart is an attempt to re-define the word "beautiful." Beautiful, according to, is
  1. Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
  2. Excellent; wonderful.
Having my own set of body image issues, part of me feels bad for laughing. I remember being 15 years old and completely insecure about how I looked in comparison to the other girls in my class who were skinny and pretty and had lots of money. Truth be told, it was always the last of the three that got me more than anything.

Then again, part of me doesn't. It's the part that, despite not being a size 4, seeks to look good where I am. And it's the part that acknowledges we live in a visual world and that more than likely will not change. So, why not be pleasant to look at as well as have a disposition to match (I'm still working on that last part... :) )?
"It's about looking into people on the inside and digging deep and finding what that is and celebrating it," says [Rachel] Johnson [editor of New Moon Magazine]. "It really is a celebration of who we are and what we can offer to the world."
And afterwards, we can all stand around in a circle and sing camp fire songs! Ohhhh. Maybe we will talk about sisterhood and all that lovey dovey feminist crap that in no way exists! There is no way that all women are my sisters because we happen to share a common monthly cycle or what not. May not be my competition but we are no sisters.

A note in response to Vox/Mike Adams's article: even in my wildest feminazi days, I never hated men that much. Oh my freaking word... y'all should just go read it for yourselves because you probably wouldn't believe me.

Speaking of... I haven't been mean to a feminist in a long while. Perhaps the Women's studies department has an event coming up I could crash.