Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Because we all know how successful they were in Kosovo

And Iraq, and Rwanda, and Sudan. The UN has decided to apply its considerable talents to defeating the bane of computer users: spam.

If I were a spammer, I would be laughing so hard, I'd pee on myself with this bit of news. I think the only way spam can be reduced (like junk mail, it will never be eliminated) is the continual efforts of private programmers who are paid to create new filters to get rid of the spam.

Since switching to yahoo, I only get maybe one piece of spam a week that makes it to my inbox. The rest gets dumped into a bulk mail folder. And it didn't take any government subsidies to fund it. It took that other annoying internet thingie - pop-up ads. But Netscape blocks those, so now my surfing experience is pretty dog gone pleasant.

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