Saturday, July 10, 2004

Moore gets slapped

I just wish it was with a potato sack of large bricks. Oops.. I said that outloud.

Anyway, I can't remember who to give the hat tip to.. I did alot of blog reading this morning, but I did not find this article all by my lonesome.

Just to point this little bit out:

(Moore writing in a column for the LA Times) "As a young boy, I loved the American flag. I'd lead my younger sisters in patriotic parades up and down the sidewalk, waving the flag, blowing a whistle and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over and over until my sisters begged me to let them go back to their Easy-Bake Oven."

(Lileks) I’ll take his word for that.

(Moore) I loved singing the national anthem. I won an essay contest on "What the Flag Means to Me." I decorated my bicycle with little American flags for a Fourth of July parade and won a prize for that too. I became an Eagle Scout and proudly promised to do my duty to God and country. And every year I asked to be the one who planted the flag on the grave of my uncle, a paratrooper who was killed in World War II. I was taught to admire his sacrifice, and I hoped to grow up and do my part, as he had, to keep us free."

This is every stinking personal statement for graduate school I'v ever read. It's about them. I... I... I... me, me, me - the hardships I faced. The imagery of a 4 year old standing on a street corner with life ahead of him and now at 45, he's a washed up whatever, divorced, beaten-down, bitter, and angry. And now how that image of the 4 year old is going to spur him to change things.

Never any talk of research.. of a question to investigate. Just lots of um.. stuff.. about social justice.

Which will be even worse if I am offered the job as a counselor at the law school. I thought it was bad in education. I am such a glutton for punishment.

LILEKS (James) The Bleat