Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Left scratching my head

Maybe there are some intelligent signs of life out there. In a visit to mtv.com this morning, I clicked over to their message boards to see what fodder I could find to blog about. Given the network's leaning-tower-to-the-left stance, I thought I would find lots of Bush-bashing, lovey-dovey liberals all over the place.

I was wrong. In the "Fight for your rights" section, I went several pages deep to see what was there. The occasion stupid post like "9/11 didn't happen" or "Christianity sux" popped up. What surprised me, though, were the posts taking on Michael Moore and F9/11. They don't like the movie. They are also supportive of Bill Cosby's recent comments that black people need to stop being victims and take responsibility for their own lives and own community.

Then you get this genius - jmilfker (age 15 and loves Blink 182):

anybody that is against michael moore's movie is a dumbass little douche who overheard your republican mom yelling at your dad about the movie, sorry if REALILY is bad for the soul your in the wrong place, can you handle life?
Well, im a young democrat, so kiss my ass. Just because your mommie and daddy rake in lots of money, you dish on moore....good one. Heres a bush slogan for ya, Bush/Cheany 04': leave no millionaire behind. call it want you want but call it, cause your wrong


It is almost not worth the energy to respond to such a Rhodes Scholar. But it wasn't worth it for me to register and rip him a new one. That was just too much effort to give MTV my vitals to open an account.

It certianly won't become a place I frequent on a regular basis. The IM lingo became hard to translate after a few posts. I would love to know what they think about MTV News.