Friday, July 02, 2004

Friday Linky Things

Linky isn't a word but I like it. It's fun to say.

Todays WTH moment brought to you by a court in Houston - Eye Gouger May Serve on Texas Jury. He is legally insane (at least at the time he was acquitted in 1997.) My guess, the defense will fight hard to keep him on the jury should he want to serve.

Documentaries are making a come back in the world of film (somewhat in thanks to leftist rants F 9/11 and Supersize Me.) Cool thing: several of the movies listed in the article I've seen - Spellbound, Story of the Weeping Camel - both of which are very good. There really is a crying camel. I couldn't believe it. Spellbound is on DVD now. When I was at NFF this year, 9 of the 15 films I saw were documentaries. They are not just for PBS anymore. :)

It feels so good to be ahead of the curve.

I thought my future mix-n-match home would be odd. My bedroom like a Moroccan tent.. a 1950's atomic style kitchen (or den, haven't decided yet).. a traditional British study. This takes the cake though.

Live the fantasy. Pretend you are a member of one of the Star Trek ships in your very own theme apartment! It would have to be one of the newer shows - TNG through Voyager. The same paneling is not on Enterprise or the original series.

Not just about Queer Eye. See this feature about single guys in Nashville who can decorate all by themselves. And who aren't gay.

In more attempts to put the US under UN control, some lawmakers have asked for UN observance of the 2004 Presidential elections. They said some people in poor districts were disenfranchised because of the complicated ballots and whatnot. No... I saw the butterfly ballot. It looked easy enough to me. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to vote.