Friday, July 23, 2004


My week of vacation is almost up (which also explains my lack of posting - I've been doing things away from the computer!)

Time for PK's Estate Administration 101:

1) Don't die - Ever.
2) If #1 is not an option, clean up your house/business before you pass away if at all possible. Ask for help. Keep your place clean and not a pig stye. It's a lot easier to do when you are alive than when you are dead.
3) If faced with a situation where you are cleaning out multiple properties, pick one and just get started. Hire teenage boys to help you haul the big stuff to the dumpster you've rented to throw EVERYTHING away. Pay them well and let them keep some of the things they like.
4) Sell: estate, going-out-of-business, yard, ebay, amazon. If it's in reasonable condition (unfortunately most of what my dad had is crap), sell it. If it doesn't sell, put it in the dumpster that's still in the front yard.
5) Beat up your brother for getting called up, leaving you to deal with all this by yourself and then having the audacity to tell you how to do things from 800 miles away. How dare the US government intrude on what is obviously more important!
6) Invest in really good work gloves and possibly a hazmat suit for the hard cleaning. Or just hire someone else to do it.

What did the Empress find when she was cleaning out her dad's house and business this week:

various and sundry nasty adult things. porn. (now do you see why #2 is important? do you want your children to know you have these things?)
his wallet.
diamond rings.
pencil sketches my long dead granny did for my dad when he opened his new location - Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and U.S. Grant.
enough ammunition to have a fantastic time at the gun range - you fellas would have shed a tear.
cancelled checks from 1983.
a bird's nest in the attic.
computers older than the boys helping me clean out the building. enough dust to make you wish you had a respirator.
nasty-a$$ decomposing sausage.
more mini-balls than you can shake a stick at (mini-balls are civil war era bullets for those not too into relics).
the original box for the Sig Sauer P230 (mine. i told my brother there was no way he was getting that pistol. he has the rifles. ::sighs and smiles:: )

I'm still looking for the Walther 9mm. If I can't find it, I'm going to be VERY upset.