Friday, July 30, 2004

A new trend?


Parties aren't exactly new. Neither are parties with themes (and every party I throw has a theme. I tried to suggest to Elena that she give a Martha Stewart's going to jail party but she didn't think that was her.)

Anyway, as a part of my new involvement with Protest Warrior - Nashville, I signed up for a slew of email lists pertaining to leftist (to distinguish from liberals because not all liberals are the spawn of Satan.. just as not all conservatives are wanna-be-Inquisitors) agendas. And I found an item of note: has a party system. John Kerry has a party thing. GWB has a "Party for the President" campaign. Common Cause has a party site. Geez, they are all almost as bad as some of those MLM things like Avon, Pampered Chef, or Amway.

I don't object to this at all. I love a party. I just found it odd. I guess it's a way of suring up your base. Have them hold a party and rally 'round the flag/cause/bonfire.

As an example: :: Party for the President Event