Friday, July 09, 2004

Why buy the milk when you can get it for free?

The Book of Mormon will now be available in a hard back edition, with less features for $25.

But the free paper back version has footnotes and stuff.

Free... or... $25....?

Of course it makes sense. Wouldn't you rather buy something that you can get for free elsewhere? But at least if you buy it at the store, the little Mormons won't come knocking on your door.

I have 2 stories about my encounters with Mormons.

The first was when I was 16 and I opened the door to a pair of very cute Mormons in their white shirts, slacks and ties. I opened the door because they were cute.

My mom heard us talking, came barrelling out of the other room and said something about being Baptist, we weren't interested.. thanks for stopping by and shutting the door. My response.. "But mooooom!"

Second story: several years ago, my brother and I were on our way home and we saw the tell tale bikes up the street. We got in the driveway and said "The mormons are coming!" I pulled the car all the way up in the drive and we shut the door and kept all the lights off so it looked like no one was home.

I know it's a part of their faith for the young men (and select few women) to serve as missionaries.. but.. no. PBS had a special a while back on the Mormon missionaries. The training was very cult-like. And the young women are encouraged to marry only returned missionaries.. which then kind of puts pressure on the young men to be missionaries.

It was pretty balanced with those who enjoyed their experience and had their faith strengthened and those who bolted from the church later.