Thursday, July 29, 2004

Because we all love men who are lacking certain body parts

Perhaps Barbara Ehrenreich should talk to Naomi Wolf. But then again, Naomi felt that Al Gore could be considered an alpha male by wearing tan/khaki colors.

Uh.. tan doesn't say "power" or "authority" to me. It says "blends stains well and doesn't show dirt."

So here's this little piece and my response to Ms. Ehrenreich's statements. Venom included at no charge:

Feminist Criticizes Kerry's 'Butch' Image
By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
July 28, 2004
Boston ( - Feminist author Barbara Ehrenreich was jeered at Tuesday's liberal "Take Back America" rally when she suggested that Democrat nominees John Kerry and John Edwards had become too "butch" for their own good.

"I feel so exasperated that they can't figure out anything except to try to act butcher than [George W. Bush] when it comes to our international crises," Ehrenreich said. "It looks like the Democrats are too frightened to be labeled 'girlie men' by the party of Schwarzenegger to do what has to be done to protect us in this country."
Funny, I haven't seen anything from Kerry/Edwards but a metrosexual huggy-fest. And nothing remotely butch when it comes to defending ourselves. I've seen women walking around on TV commenting about the convention that are more butch that Kerry or Edwards.
... Ehrenreich, author of Nickle and Dimed: Surviving in Low-Wage America and a columnist for left-wing magazines, said Democrats have their priorities wrong when it comes to fighting terrorism, or as she prefers to say, Islamic extremists.

If she had her way, Ehrenreich said, feminism would be used to combat enemies of the United States. She said Kerry should adopt her philosophy.
Because feminism is as effective as the Armed Forces. Riiiiiiiggght.
"Feminism is one of our nation's proudest exports. We invented it, practically," she said. "You cannot fight the Islamist insurgency with a combination of imperialism and MTV. The only thing Bush has done is serve as [public relations] and recruitment for al Qaeda."
And since the advent of feminism, women have made incredible gains. No doubt about it but at what cost? The right to vote, sex on demand, jury duty, minimum wages, the professionalization of traditionally feminine roles (teacher, day care worker, etc...), abortions, owning property in their own name, higher divorce rates, generations of women asking the question 'is this it?' fed images from the old ads of the 19th century and that women were the angels in the home to flappers to Rosie the riveter to Leave it to Beaver to Feminine Mystique to Mary Tyler Moore to Sex and the City. All have held the promise of self-fulfillment and happiness and many of them have led to a certain level of empty accomplishments.

We can fight Islamist insurgency.. ahem TERRORISM.. with a combination of rockets, the Marines, the Army, and tanks. If they are dead they can't very well kill us. Combine killing the terrorists with exporting representative government where the people have the authority over their elected officials (something rapidly disappearing in the US)

And toppled a dictator who killed thousands upon thousands of people. Freed 2 countries in 2 years. Give America's economy a shot in the arm. Bring dignity and class back to the White House. Reduce our taxes. Run up the deficit. Limit freedoms in the name of self defense (sorry Bush fans - there is good and bad.)
As for the Democratic National Convention, Ehrenreich said it was unfortunate that each day was labeled with "butch" themes. She noted that in 1992, Democrats made women the focus of their convention, something she said was missing this year.
Women always need to be the focus. There's nothing else going on in the world other than what Ms. Ehrenreich, Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinham, What's her name Garofolo, Oprah, Hillary, and Susan Sarandon think about.

No jihad in Sudan. No persecution in China. No threats of violence in Israel. No porous borders and possibility of terrorists entering through Mexico. No weapons of mass distruction being made in Iran. No terrorist training camps through out the Middle East.

Wait! I just made a connection. The European governments are feminist. They think we can stop terrorism if we all sit in a circle and talk about our feelings and then give each other hug! Hugs solve everything! They make everything better! Like 9/11 was a skinned knee.

To borrow the feminist rhetoric: 9/11 was rape. 9/11 was an act of violence committed on the US. And just like the feminists want to damn a man with just an accusation (no evidence actually needed.. just her word), we should go after the known rapist and stop them. We've stopped two and are hot on the heels of the third. Iran, keep it up. We'll get you next. And we'll make you wear a little home monitoring bracelet because you've been naughty!

Shame! Oops.. feminists would call for the castration of a rapist - of all men - because men are evil and all sex is rape. Why should our response to known terrorists be any different then what their reponse to a rapist be any different? Women are good, perfect, angelic creatures who never ever fight and live in harmony with each other and nature. And we are always right.

*long pause*

Had to pick myself back up off the floor.. I'm ok now. Whew.

Source: Feminist Criticizes Kerry's 'Butch' Image -- 07/28/2004