Friday, July 23, 2004

Pink Kitty's Adventures

I had to go back to the shop this evening to cover the aforementioned dumpster with a tarp so the rain wouldn't completely soak all of the paper and cardboard inside.

I pull up and their are two "women" in the dumpster.

Redneck, hillbilly lesbian wome.. er.. well, I think you all now the less PC word that would be more appropriate. Starts with a "d" and rhymes with "pike." (censored for those people who read this at work.)

Digging through the dumpster and reading the outdated manuals we had pitched 3 hours before.

And do I mean redneck.. one woman was missing a couple of teeth. The other had that butch sort of spikey-on-top haircut.

I jump out of my car, very perturbed at people trespassing and making me wish that I was armed with the aforementioned Sig Sauer P230. Since I wasn't, I decided not to say anything for a moment and unroll the tarp.

And they continued to dig.

I put the tarp ON the dumpster and they continued to dig. I finally said "There is nothing in here that would be of interest to you. It's all out of date manuals so if you are going to dig through my trash and trespass on my property, the very least you can do is get out of the way so I can put this tarp on before it starts raining. Better yet, you could HELP me put this tarp on before it starts raining."

At which, they jumped out of the dumpster and helped me cover it with the tarp. I tacked it down and am hanging out here for a bit to make sure it stays down.