Thursday, December 16, 2004

End of the year stuff

It used to be that the end of year lists would appear just after Christmas. Well, like Christmas, they now take up at least the month of December.

Vh1's Big in 04 - which is now a concert in addition it its "Best Year Ever" special. The latter is a spin off so to speak of it's weekly show "Best week ever" for those of us who can't remember what happened this past week. And it wouldn't be complete a look back a year of the Oblivion.

Also, a local favorite - the Boner awards. Now, the name may cause you to think it is one thing.. but not really. The awards are named after the 'esteemed' former Mayor of Nashville, Bill Boner who with his mistress-come-wife went on the Donahue show in the late 1980's to defend their relationship. Not one of the city's best representations. Since then, the Scene has chronicled equally odd and stupid things.. like this:

The new white meat.

Who among us hasn't done a little nosepicking from time to time? Let he who is without sin cast the first booger. Yet most of us confine our picking to private seclusion—rather than, say, in the midst of a recorded public hearing. Not so Lt. Gov. John Wilder, that eternal font of surprise. A video on talk-radio gasbag Steve Gill's Web site caught the notoriously out-to-lunch Wilder mining for mucus in mid-hearing. Then, on camera, the man who sits a heartbeat away from the governor's seat removed the fruit of his nasal excavation and stuck it in his mouth—then washed it down discreetly with a sip of water. Sure, protein is protein—but seriously, dude....