Thursday, December 30, 2004

From the "yeah right" files

State to tax illegal drugs

If you are a drug dealer, would you march yourself down to the Department of Revenue to pay your tax? Riiiiiiight.

(The probable method is that the dealer will be forced to pay the tax when caught)

Since they can't actually shut them down via the DEA or other law-enforcement agencies, they are going to tax them out of business.

Question: since Tennesseeans may be able to take a portion of their sales tax and apply it to the 1040 IRS form in the same way people from states with income taxes do, are drug dealers able to do the same? Will this cause an increase in price as the dealer passes the cost onto the user?

How much is the state spending to implement this program that has no guarentee that it will net the $3 million they want?