Sunday, December 12, 2004

Movie watching Empress

The Polar Express is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The visuals are stunning and the story is really cute. I think it could definately be a Christmas classic. If you can see it on IMAX with 3-d, even better. Though if you've had lasik like me and Bama Girl, you might see double. We both had to watch the movie with one eye closed part of the time.

Super-Size Me... as it started out, I thought I was listening to Michael Moore for the first 5 minutes, until I saw that it wasn't. That tone of voice; self-righteous, liberal, and know-it-all. Morgan Spurlock is way skinner but was well on his way after eating McD's for 30 days. It took him a year to loose the weight he put on (almost 25 lbs). What else happened to Morgan? Every level shot through the roof and one of his doctors said that his liver had basically turned into fat. "Your liver is now like pate'." after 18 days. He basically pickled his liver like an alcoholics do. And his cholesterol went up 60 points.

Fact I didn't know: the Double Gulp from 7-11 is a half a gallon... one-half gallon. The sugar from one double gulp equals 3 cups... that's enough for 8 dozen cookies (fact courtesy of a co-worker).

There are twice as many Starbucks (160+) in Manhatten than McDonalds (87).

I had been thinking of giving up fast food or at least eating less of it and making some better food choices. After seeing this, I decided that I would not eat at McDs or other places unless I get a salad - no dressing (too much sugar in their dressings) or grilled chicken. More meals cooked at home and healthier choices to be made when eating out. (For the record, I've been working on this post for a week and I've lost almost 7 lbs since seeing the movie and feel alot better for eating better food - and recovered from food poisioning)

If your are curious, a large milkshake as over 1000 calories. A Mighty Kids meal can have as many as 800 calories.

See everything for yourself.

Miss O'Hara would probably be interested in the movie for its discussion of marketing the fast food product ($1.4 Billion in 2001 - direct media advertising.. and that was just McDonald's). It is rather insidious when you think of how these large companies target kids, like the old Disney ads that told kids to pack their suitcase and say 'take me to Disney World' or something. The movie goes into more detail.

It is a personal choice - so educate yourself and then make a choice.