Saturday, December 25, 2004

To Know that I am Loved...

As I stated earlier, I went to Bama Girl's house for dinner. And at till I was stuffed. Didn't even eat dessert.. I brought it home with me.. and a full plate for later. Her mom's dressing, I must say, is better than mine. 3 helpings..

So, they did the presents. I was looking forward to seeing what everyone else would get.. I certainly wasn't expecting anything.

Bama Girl, her sister, and her parents all bought me presents. It was all that I could do to keep from crying. Unlike now.. :)

I just couldn't believe it. My little bottle of wine that I brought just seemed so.. small in comparison. Bama Girl also told me that with my brother heard how great of a Thanksgiving I had that he started crying. He was also very relieved that I was going to her house.. but I think I said that already.

It felt good. And when they get married (it's highly likely sometime after he gets back), it will be a great family to be a part of.