Tuesday, December 14, 2004

He made it safely

Bama Girl has updated UT Man's page. Or as I call him... Tater Salad (his joke...)

What else he told me, when he called very early Sunday morning was that he saw a herd of camels in Kuwait.. "You know how they raise cattle in the states? Well, they have herds of camels. Black, brown and albinos. The guy had sheep too."

Can you tell the city-mouse has gone to the desert?

It's a 15 hour time difference. The internet access sucks and it surprised him by how much I found on Google. "The terrorists could get that information...."

And he did try the banana milk. "It's alright. They are putting in a Burger King and Subway soon. That will be good."

Would y'all be willing to send him a belated Christmas card? Since internet is REALLY slow, he can't get email as he would like. I'm sure his name at mail call would help brighten his day.

If you want to... let me know - I'll email you his address.