Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Return of the Hawks

Or Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom comes to campus.

Y'all may remember that there is a pair of hawks that have now made the campus their home with the abundance prey around.

Well... there is one less squirrel on campus now. On my way to lunch today, the female hawk (I had seen the male before - he was quite a bit bigger than the one on the lawn this afternoon) was sitting in plain sight.. with a squirrel clutched in her claws. She was bobbing up and down a little bit. The squirrel flipped and flopped over...

The RedHead (my co-worker who I generally lunch with) yelled at the hawk to get it to go away and let the squirrel go.

"It's dead now. Might as well leave the bird alone. It's better than having just a dead squirrel laying in the middle of the lawn."

The hawk then spread her wings to make herself look as big as possible to fend off any of the small and gathering crowd. We left before she either flew away or began chowing down. It was, after all, lunch time - for human and fowl.