Saturday, December 04, 2004

On The Scene

John Spragens explains in this week's Nashville Scene why liberals are hated, courtesy of an episode of Wife Swap.
For once I felt the emotion that drives lower-middle-class white people to vote
against their economic interest because John Kerry is effete and Frenchy and his
wife's a total b*tch. I've always understood it intellectually—nobody likes to
be preached at, condescended to and made to feel stupid—but Zev's fascistic
style of holier-than-thou progressivism made my blood boil in a way that only
counter-protesters at a Michael Moore rally would understand. Liberals in this
formulation are the ultimate wet blankets, the kind that suffocate fires and
passions of any sort.
Liz Murray Garrigan issues this bulletin: all guys are schmucks. Now, haven't I been working hard to disprove that? A quote that reflects our discussion of late:

One of d'Angelo's most interesting findings is that, in his own mind, a man
is only as good as his wife thinks he is. But these are things that women don't
seem to know. "In spite of our female intuition, we still have some very basic
things to learn about guys," she says.