Monday, December 13, 2004

A phone call

PK: Graduate Admissions.
Caller: Has Violet ----- checked out yet?
PK: I'm sorry. I can't help you. You need to call 3---5000.
Caller: That's what I dialed.
PK: No Ma'am. You dialed 0500.
Caller: No, I called the medical center.
PK: You got the Graduate School of Education.
Caller: What?
PK: This is the Graduate Admissions office for the the School of Education.
Caller: You mean this isn't ----?
PK: No.
Caller: I want the Medical Center.
PK: Then dial 3---5000.
Caller: You mean I didn't get the medical center?
PK: No....... This is the School of Education.
Caller: Well! Then I did get the wrong number! *hangs up*