Monday, March 22, 2004

Because it's all about...

The... you know. Skin color. According to this story all power in this country is held by white middle-aged men.

Funny, I thought all the power in this country was held by Wal Mart. Who else but the 500 lb gorilla can dictate to artists what to put on its albums? But if the artists were "true artists" they would say forget Wal Mart and hold onto their artistic integrity. But no, they are not artists. They are fronts for greedy record companies only interested in putting out crap music and related officially licensed products to 14 year olds who have disposible income.

But back to the story, when Ari was taking his women's studies class last semester, he would talk about his membership card into the power structure. It involved a body part that women do not have. But since gay men also have this body part, sexual orientation also plays a part in getting past the bouncer at the door. Because of this extra appendage, all the doors of power (sucess, wealth, influence, etc...) on earth would open up to him.

Our conversation was in jest but there are those in the radical feminists and other groups that believe this. And they are putting it into the school system.

My question: why is the school system allowing obviously biased groups to come in and make presentations? I know - because public schools are crap. They have no curriculum that isn't about 'diversity' or creating a divisive enviornment. See Vox's column this week and his blog for a lengthy discussion on public and private schools and home schooling.