Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Why I hate election season

As if 2004 Presidential race hasn't been going on long enough with the year long Democratic Party thing, every 3 days, we are going to have to hear about another poll telling us John Kerry is slightly ahead of George Bush..

They will call every obscure place in the US.. Bucksnort, TN (real place), Los Angeles, CA (supposedly a real place), Boring, OR (real place), Tuxedo, TX (real place), or Vermont. They will ask them their opinion about the candidates or issues with questions like "If John Kerry were to raise taxes to fund education, would you support John Kerry?"

I was asked a question like that once about the potential TN income tax. I told the little girl on the other end of the phone "That's not a valid question and I will not answer it. But you can put down that No! I do not support the income tax at all." She was a bit stunned to say the least.

So next time askes:
"Would ya like to take a survey?"

respond with..

"Do you eat beans? Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt? Would you like to eat beans with George Wendt? Would you like to see George Wendt eating beans in a movie? Do you eat beans at George Wendt movies? Would you like to see George Wendt in a bean eating movie? How many beans do you eat at George Wendt bean eating movies? How many bean eating movies have you seen with George Wendt? If you were a bean what kinda bean would you be?"

That would be funny. And.. we have another... *counts* 9 months to go. It's worse than being pregnant! (not that I have any personal experience in that arena but I imagine both the 2004 election cycle and being pregnant are both equally painful).

Yahoo! News - AP Poll Shows Bush, Kerry in Close Race