Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Say no to tracksuits

Listen to Carson, Stacey, and Clint - tracksuits are wrong. They are not cute. They should only be worn at the gym or out running and no where else!

Say it with me
"Tracksuits are not good."
"Tracksuits are not flattering."

On my way to a meeting across campus, one of the Vandygirls walked around me. Not unusual - we Southerners tend to stroll everywhere. She was wearing a tracksuit.

Not just any tracksuit. A velour tracksuit.

Could it get worse? Oh yes it can! It was salmon orange. Not salmon pink but salmon orange! With big black clunky slides.. and I could see VPL!

(Visible panty line for those not in the know)

And it was a thong. Thongs are supposed to eliminate vpl.. but I guess even the thong can't hide under a salmon orange velour tracksuit.