Friday, March 19, 2004

Your friendly neighborhood fashionista strikes again

Here's the story...

Last sunday, I was picking out something to wear to my dad's memorial service. I picked out a black sweater that has white cuffs and collar. Very cute and classy. Well, you think that black pants would just be the right thing...?


The black did not match. I pulled out the 3 pairs of black pants that I had..

One was too wrinkled from being worn earlier in the week and hadn't been laundered yet. I think one didn't fit, I'm not too sure. And the one that is my current favorite.. but none of the black was similar when you held them together. I was having a hissy fit. I finally settled on the pants that are my current favorite.. primarily because they were clean and wrinkle free and put them with my cute little black ankle boots.

Quote Stacy, the What Not to Wear Mistress: Black is slimming but it has to be the right kind of black.. and the clothes have to fit. (ok it's a paraphrase - I can't find the original)

~ * ~ YES! I've turned into a girl! ~ * ~