Sunday, March 21, 2004

Tell me something I don't know has a physical attractiveness test. Takes about 15 minutes and I do suggest the audio guide to help you. It flushes out the instructions.

It said that I was very picky - in fact that I was more picky than 99% of the female population who took this test.

Who does this survey say I'm attracted to?

Hugh Jackman.

Not really but he was mentioned as an example of a face type. Or Viggo (as Aragorn)... heh. Generally - men who are older (though not opposed to the idea of dating younger men)
of Mediterranean origin (that should thrill Ari - he's Greek),
who are taller than me (not difficult since I'm 5'3" but I do love my high heels),
big guys (you know - former football players and wrestlers body types),
blue eyes (I disagree with this - I like brown and green eyes, too),
glasses (a great pair of glasses can go a long way. Since I had lasik 2 years ago, they are now an accessory for me - like my earrings)
neatly trimmed facial hair (goatees and beards have their place)
dark brown hair
men who look like (and act like) men - not boys. No boys.
and men who SMILE! I like men who smile!

But you know, all of this is well and good but real heart of the matter is that for as attracted as I am to say Viggo Mortensen, he isn't a Christian. And that is what I am first and foremost looking for.